The rebuild of my ZX7R Streetfighter started in 2012, it wasn't until early 2013 the sculpting side started.  The idea behind Chimera was to enlarge the original Clown mask but at the same time upgrade the basic design and to have the mask wrap around the fork legs and to dominate the front of the bike.  It would appear as if the clown is trying to break free from the bike but the bike wont let go because of this evil creature growing around it.  
In the beginning it was only to be the mask of Chimera, but as the design developed so did the idea of a complete bike sculpt incorporating the creature that's growing around Clown and around the rest of the bike.  And so it was decided we'd also sculpt on to the tank, seat unit, belly pan and under-tray   Also a completely new mudguard would be made. 

We are continuously working on this build, keep checking back for our progression.

We will  be updating this page soon.....